Sunday, June 28, 2009

God is alive in the QC Jail!

We were pleasantly surprised at how vibrant and alive the prayer meeting was in the QC jail!
They have their own music ministry complete with drums, guitar and trumpet. They sang so loud and straight from their heart I cried!
Bro.Boy who leads the prayer mtg. puts me to shame with all the bible verses he has pilipino pa!
We had a video showing of Joel Osteen from his weekly podcast titled " Living Breakthrough Minded".
Going there made me realize why God wants to bless them - not only spiritually but also materially. He wants to show them that He will answer their prayers for provision! I feel so privileged that God can use me to bless them....all of us to bless them!

We brought with us donations of 120 bibles, merienda and the 1st batch of polo shirts
and pants. They still need more polo shirts and pants. Most of their waist size is 28" to 32"- payat but anything will do. They are not picky. They even wear the girls petron uniform! They were sitting on the 52 chairs we brought- also from donations! Two of them got prizes for memorizing Ps23. I would have wanted to take more pictures but it's actually bawal. Patsy just sneaked this one.

Thanks so much to all those who rummaged through their closets! To all the rest PURGE NOW! and make an inmate happy. Remember, what you do for the least of your brethren you do unto HIM! God bless!

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